Christmas Wrappings

Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours!

Aside from being one of the greatest and most patient deer hunters I will likely ever know, my Grandfather Newton is a remarkable bluegrass tenor and guitarist.

Below is a little ditty of him a'pickn' and a'singn' from a Christmas past.

Our Troops Are In Our Thoughts & Prayers.

We Miss You This Holiday Season.

Be Safe & Come Home Soon!

(Left) The Surprise Party and (Right) Not This Trip, Old Pal both by Arthur Davenport Fuller

(Left) The Surprise Party and (Right) Not This Trip, Old Pal both by Arthur Davenport Fuller


I must admit, I am probably one of the toughest guys on the planet to buy a gift for. Though always gracious, I am super peculiar and have almost everything you can think up to give a sportsman. But this year my wife and girls hit one out of the park. They got me these chessmen which were cast in a very unique interpretation of the Isle of Lewis chess set. They have such a sporting look, the King sits proudly on his deeply carved throne with faithful hound at his side, the Queen has an owl perched on her arm, the Bishop is carrying a lamb, the Rook is blowing his horn into battle or to start the hunt and the Knight, in Saint George fashion, is slaying a dragon. A wonderfully unique present indeed, and an heirloom I will treasure for many, many, years to come. Queen to f8, check mate!

Sporting Wish List 2012

Grab your pilot glasses, bass plugs, and left hook, we're going Christmas shopping!

Accurate and dependable, Merkel has established itself as a name you can trust. With the introduction of the new take-down RX Helix rifle, form now follows function. The Helix has the look of an Old World beauty combined with the sleek lines we have come to expect from modern firearms. New innovations like a straight-pull bolt-action and a bolt head ratio of two-to-one places a premium on rapid-fire precision. This firearm is designed to be deadly accurate and lightning fast. It is available in three action lengths and 12 calibers. $4,000 (Photograph by Ron Spomer)

Ideas and inspiration are certain to take flight from the cockpit of Restoration Hardware's Aviator Wing Desk. Inspired by streamlined World War II fighter planes this desk is a shining swoop of metal. Its shape mimics the bent wing of a plane. Poised for take-off, it features a polished aluminum patchwork exterior accented with steel screws, built around a solid hardwood frame. $2,195

1. Have a cup of eggnog and kick back with a 1894 first edition copy of The Wild Beasts, Birds and Reptiles of the World and relive P.T. Barnum's account of his explorations and adventures while pursuing animals for both sport and his menagerie. $45-$200.       2. For around $1,300 the casual, yet elegant Invicta Pro Diver Chronograph Elemental Watch in wood & steel is half James Bond, half Bear Grylls.       3. Elegant styling makes the Swarovski Optik Leather Pocket Tyrol Binoculars perfect for any occasion from the opera to the Okavango. $969       4. Carry a Dave Hoover tackle box on your next fishing trip and trout will leap into the boat from respect. Okay, probably not, but he will be sure to be the envy of all of his fishing buddies. If you can find one that is. Dave has since retired and locating one of these gems can seem as elusive as catching a new world-record largemouth.  $400-$1100.       5. Even Old Tom Morris would've been smitten with the 61 Cirac Stand Golf Bag in King Croc by Belding Golf bags. Around $600.       6. A knife for all necessities, the Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife V1.0 weighs in at 2 pounds with 87 implements and 141 functions. $1,000-1,600       7. Care to go a few rounds? If so the Seletti Boxitalia Punching Bag & Boxing Gloves are for you. Made from vintage-style brown leather, these professional-level training tools sport a classic design that will dress up any room from the penthouse office to the man cave. $110-$325.       8. The Beccaccia (woodcock) is a hunting jacket cool enough for James Dean. Waxed-cotton with front-loading game bag. $314

Left to right: Swing for the fences like they did back in the day with this 1880's style vintage bat. Hand-made of professional quality northern ash wood, this bat will go the distance. $139.95         In a small village at the foot of the Black Forest, a few dedicated master craftsmen have been using their talent and expertise to create the most beautiful crystal in the world. So nice to come home to, so nice by the fire, Queen Lace Crystal 18 oz. Double Old Fashion is perfect for the man of distinction. $250          Versatile Lemon Peel baseballs are as perfectly suited for stocking stuffers as they are for streetball, pepper and stickball. $34