The Russell Boot Project

Here I am with Handsome Dutch and my Russell Gentleman Birdshooters

There was a time when tall all-leather boots and adventure went hand-in-hand, or shall I say "foot and fist." From pilots and jockeys to swashbucklers and explorers to marines and sportsmen, the tall leather boot was the foundation for sure-footed success. As utilitarian as they are attractive, tall leather boots add support, protect the wearer's lower limbs and shield out moisture. Lacing up a pair of tall leather boots gives one a sense of empowerment. With each ascent up the eyelets, the posture perks, muscles poise and the mind focuses, and you know that no matter what the day may hold you are equipped. Besides, how many super heroes have you ever seen wearing flip-flops or chukkas? You may have assumed it was the mask, ring or cape, but the secret behind the super power starts from the ground up. 

Not long ago I teamed up with the Russell Moccasin Company to create an upscale,  tall, all-leather hunting boot. The result is the Gentleman's Classic Birdshooter, 16-inches high and made from a rich chocolate, oil-stuffed Timberjack leather. For a sturdy walking platform the boot is equipped with a light oak-colored leather midsole and a low-lugged Vibram 430 sole with a distinct heel making the boots as practical in the saddle as they are in the field. A double vamp construction adds to the comfort and waterproofing and solid brass lacing studs in the top four eyelets polish them off with an elegant finishing touch. 

I can't say I've shot straighter since donning these dapper hightops, but I can't help but feel that Ol' Gentleman Bob takes solace when he sees the chap responsible for his demise approaching footed in these classic sporting heirlooms, now if I can just find where I put my cape.

The Gentleman's Classic Birdshooter retails for $480 and are made to the client's custom specifications as Russell has done now for more than one hundred years. Below is a moviegram showcasing the procedure and care that goes into each hand-crafted pair of Russell boots.