The Cure for What Ails You

Even the influenza can't deter this hunting trip for sporting antiques

This wonderful original 1903 photograph of the Lehighton Pennsylvania Baseball team with roadster can be yours for $99.

This wonderful original 1903 photograph of the Lehighton Pennsylvania Baseball team with roadster can be yours for $99.

Often on dreary, dank, damp, cold winter days I like to visit the antique malls. However, on this occasion, I am buried beneath two blankets, shivering from a fever, and like many Americans, facing that most formidable of foes, the flu. Nevertheless, a bit of internet browsing might be just what the doctor ordered. So I am logging in to eBay, that on-line proprietor of perpetually never-ending perusable products. Okay, perhaps the fever is getting to me. But yes, eBay, where a simple query of sporting+antiques will yield you some 3,000 results. Although from my armchair I am missing that musty smell of nostalgia and Old English, a crackling fire and a soothing libation, for the cough of course, should put me in the shopping spirit. These are some of the interesting and unique items I came across.

car set.jpg

1. 1920 Leather Baseball Mitt - AWESOME CONDITION $49.99 • 2. Vintage Phonograph with CD, Cassette, AM/FM, Aux-In by Pyle $244.88 • 3. 1963 Antique Bourbon Football Player Whiskey Bottle Advertising Display $39 • 4. 1953 Buick Super Eight Woody Wagon - No Reserve! Bid Now! $26,000 • 5. Lot of 5 ARGOSY Weekly Pulp Magazines from 1936 $44  • 6. Rare Antique Antimony Racing Derby Horse Roulette Toy Game with original box $300 • 7. Victorian period, 1880's-90's, authentic "Gone With The Wind" kerosene Lamp. A Beauty! Transfer adorned with hand-painting of English setters. $2,750

cash set.jpg

1. This truly spectacular, one-of-a-kind, large, heavily carved, circa 1890 mirror was purchased at the “Johnny Cash/June Carter Cash” estate auction at Sotheby’s in 2004. 78”w x 72”h x 13.5”d, $14, 750 • 2. Art Nouveau Style Jewelry/Tobacco Box Boar Figurine $268.80 • 3. 1907 Swiss Pocket Watch $99.99 • 4/5. Antique French Sporting Buttons $13.99 each • 6. This remarkable Victorian Inkstand will sell to the highest bidder. Currently $152.50 • 7. Antique Sterling Silver Hole-In-One Trophy with Original Dunlop 65 Number 2 Ball, which 4-Time Open Champion Bobby Locke used to make an ace on the 150-yard, Par-3 6th hole at Pollack Park Golf Club, April 21st, 1938. $3,400

chair set.jpg

1. Classic, 19th Century, French Hunting-Themed Smoker's Chair. $995 • 2. L. C. Smith & Corona Typewriter Model 811. $289.25 • 3. Antique 1700s Wooden, English Fishing Creel. $1,200 • 4. 1927 SPORT STORY Pulp. 79.95 • 5. Porcelain Lord and Lady Fox Salt & Pepper Shakers. $18.99 • 6. Deerstalker Tweed Hat. $31.95 • 7. A wooden, Black Forest style, carved head of a fierce looking wild boar with a shield, oak leaves and acorns. Plaque measures 17 3/4” by 11” $499

clothing set.jpg

1. Movie Worn-School Ties #7 Massachusetts football jersey size XL. $79.95 • 2. Vintage 50s Abercrombie & Fitch Western Jacket size M. $65 • 3. VERY RARE 2003 Anthropologie Shooting Party Sweater Coat size 4/6. $250 • 4. Vintage 50's DUXBAK heavy canvas hunting vest size S. $95 • 5. RARE Antique 1920s Original Carss Green Mackinaw Hunting Jacket size L. $475